Grey Whale reaches Spain through ice-free Arctic

The wandering grey whale that bewildered scientists after appearing off the coast of Israel last ...


Generals meet to deal with melting Arctic

Defense chiefs from eight Arctic nations agreed on Friday to cooperate more closely to deal with disasters and search and rescue operations in the remote resource-rich region, Canada’s top soldier said. As the Arctic warms up, major nations are jostling for influence in a frozen part of the world believed to contain vast reserves of [...]


Warmest March ever, warmest year-to-date ever, for U.S.

Due to the extraordinary heat wave that sent temperatures soaring to summer-like levels across the eastern two-thirds of the country, March was officially the warmest such month in history for the Lower 48 states, the National Climatic Data Center NCDC announced Monday. The heat wave was unprecedented in its scope and magnitude for so early [...]


March tornadoes racked up $1.1 Billion in insured losses

Severe weather in the U.S., led by tornadoes in the Midwest and Tennessee Valley, caused more than $1.2 billion of insured losses in March, according to Aon Corp. AON, the world’s biggest insurance broker.Insurers reported more than 170,000 claims tied to storms from March 2 and 3, London-based Aon said in a report today. The [...]


Storms lead to 15% jump in losses for insurance companies

For homeowners insurance, direct-written premium rose 3.5 percent to more than $71.6 billion for [2011]. The increase indicates “that rate increases—stemming from recent years’ unexpectedly high weather-related losses—are gaining traction.” Storm losses accounted for a 14.8 point increase in the direct-loss ratio to 75.8 “likely motivating continued rate increases in 2012,” according to Shields.


98% of Colorado in drought

Climatologists at Colorado State University are confirming what many Coloradans already suspect — almost the entire state is consumed by drought. About 98 percent of the state is experiencing varying levels of drought, according to CSU, with the most severe in the Arkansas Basin, where drought ranges from D1, or “moderate” drought to D3, or [...]


Heat records in U.S. outnumber cold records 35 to 1 in March

U.S. daily record high temperatures continued to surge into the end of March, with new heat records overwhelming cold records by the incredible ratio of 35.3 to 1. The total number of heat records was 6,182, nearly double the number in the sweltering month of August last year. The monthly count for March was also [...]


New analysis: All weather events affected by changes to the climate

The atmospheric and ocean environment has changed from human activities in ways that affect storms and extreme climate events. The main way climate change is perceived is through changes in extremes because those are outside the bounds of previous weather. The average anthropogenic climate change effect is not negligible, but nor is it large, although [...]


“Surreal heat” jump starts early asthma season with record pollen counts

The surreal heat that’s baking much of the central and eastern USA has unleashed an unusually early and intense blast of tree pollen, making life miserable for tens of millions of people who suffer from seasonal allergies. Forecasters and allergists blame the unseasonably warm weather, and few cold snaps, for causing plants to bloom weeks [...]


“Mind-boggling” temperatures across U.S. says NOAA

With temperatures soaring in many places around the United States, many might be wondering if this is a sign of another sweltering summer. On Wednesday (March 21) alone, more than 70 major cities were within sight of record highs, according to the Weather Channel. Quite a few of those cities have already broken the previous [...]