“Mind-boggling” temperatures across U.S. says NOAA


With temperatures soaring in many places around the United States, many might be wondering if this is a sign of another sweltering summer.

On Wednesday (March 21) alone, more than 70 major cities were within sight of record highs, according to the Weather Channel.

Quite a few of those cities have already broken the previous record high — some by a little, some by a lot.

New York City broke its record high of 68 degrees, set in 1979, by two degrees.

In Chicago, temperatures have hovered in the low to mid-80s for more than a week. On Wednesday, it reached 85. The notoriously chilly city has shattered previous record highs for the last eight days. [Weirdo Weather: 7 Rare Weather Events]

“Our records go back to 1873, so you’re looking at quite a bit of time there,” said Amy Seeley, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service’s Chicago office.

And on Monday (March 19), in International Falls, Minn. — known as “The Nation’s Icebox” and one of the coldest places on Earth — the low temperature, 60 degrees, tied with the previous record high for the day, set in 1918. (Temperatures climbed to a balmy 78 degrees.)

When low temperatures are the same as previous record highs, “that’s incredible — to me, that’s just mind-boggling,” said Mike Halpert, deputy director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center.

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