Missing rains in Brazil follow model forecast for climate change


The government’s geological service said on Monday that the Rio Negro was measured at a depth of 13.63m the previous day near the jungle city of Manaus, the lowest since a measuring system was implemented in 1902.

Manaus, in northern Brazil, is where the Rio Negro is at its deepest and where it merges with the Amazon River – meaning some places upstream are nearly completely dry.

The previous low was 13.64m, recorded in 1963.

Cycles of flooding and drought have been common in the world’s largest remaining tropical wilderness, but they have been more extreme recently, shifting from record floods to record drought in relatively short periods of time, experts say. Many suspect global warming could be driving the whipsaw changes.

A report last year from Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research, which tracks weather patterns, stated that its weather models forecast “rising global temperatures because of ongoing greenhouse gas emissions” and “project a decrease in rainfall across much of Brazil due to warmer waters in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans causing changes in wind patterns across South America”.

The source article Amazon tributary reaches record low level was published October 26, 2010 by IOL News .

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